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  CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Packaging Equipment
for Jewel Cases, Amaray Cases, BD cases
Slim Line Cases, Bundles, Videos, Cassettes and more
DVDCD Duplicators offers a complete line of  packaging machines for the media and general packaging industry. Our comprehensive line of equipment includes fully automated and semi automated Blu-Ray, Amaray and Jewel case assembly machines, cellophane overwrapping machines, product output stackers, product checkers, and product counters. Flexible systems are available that support BD, HD DVD, cassette and most standard definition formats along with bundles and cosmetics pharmaceutical and food packs . The fully automatic systems are ideally suited for the medium to high volume environments where efficiency is essential.





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Commercial High Speed Cellophane Heat Seal Overwrappers
for a Professional store-bought look.

TS2002 Wrapping MachineSilo TS2002 Automated Overwrapper 
Fully Automated.
Wraps Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, Slimline and other sized cases
3300 per hour


Silo JT50 Automated Overwrapper                  
Fully Automated
Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, Slimline cases
2700 per hour





DVD/Blu-Ray Automated Assembly System
The Presto Pack DVD and Blu-Ray modular packaging line
can be either operated semi-automatically or fully automatically
at speeds up to 30 pieces per minute.
The complete fully automated line consist of five modules
including auto case opener, title sheet inserter, disc inserter, booklet inserter and case closer.


Overwrapping MachineSuper Overwrapper
The DMA over wrapper features a quick change system
between different size products enabling one overwrapper
to be used for all formats in stead of one overwrapper for each size product.



DVD Case Speed Wrap

Speed Wrap Automatic Overwrapper              
Fully Automated
Wraps 1200 cases per hour
3 Models CD, DVD
  and Blu-Ray                                        



Semi Automatic Overwrapping MachineUniversal Semi Automatic Overwrapper
Semi Automated
Wraps 250 cases per hour



VS4000 CD Jewel Case Wrapper

VS4000 Semi Automatic Overwrapper             
Semi Automated
Wraps  200 cases per hour
4 Models DVD, CD, Slimline and



MEP120 CD DVD SleeverMEP120 Sleever                                
Insert discs into sleeves.
Up to 3000 Discs per hour




VS350VS350 Automatic Label Applicator    
Multi purpose labeler.
High throughput
- up to 4000 per hour



VS650The VS650 CD Packer
Semi-automatic machine for packing discs and inserts into regular jewel cases and slim-line jewel cases.






Create a folded wrap style for a professional "store bought" look
for half the price of other systems. CD from $

CD Jewel Case wrapperCD3 or DVD5 Manual Overwrapper                      
Desktop design with small footprint
Wraps 180 DVD, CD cases per hour




  • Neatly wrapped "folded" package appearance
  • Professional - store bought quality
  • Factory manufactured appearance


  • Rough edges and seams
  • Unprofessional appearance
  • Looks homemade


Automated Dewrapper
For DVD CD Blu-ray and Videocassette

Silo DW40 DVD Case Welder             

For DVD Case Manufacturers

Silo MD350 Multi Pack Overwrapper 

For Bundles and Multiple DVD Amaray cases and Jewel cases

SHRINK WRAPPERS for all sizes and unusual shapes

PP-48-ST and PP76ST       
Shrink-wraps all sizes up to 480 per hour

Shrink-wraps all sizes up to 720 per hour

Portable Shrink Sealers    
Shrink-wraps small sizes up to 120 per hour


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