52x CD
16x/32x DVD-+R/CD

6 Recorders + HDD
Speeds up to 52x
Copy and Compare Functions
Batch Mode
Audio Compilation
550 Disc Capacity

550 Disc Capacity

Tired of having to load disc after disc and tying up a PC at the same time? Then here is your freedom to do other things!. R-Quest™ is proud to introduce their new, innovative, rotating disc hopper! 

With 550 disc capacity, SIX - high speed burners, and R-Quest’s proprietary TrueCopy™ technology, the TCA-9650™ will surely exceed all of your duplicating needs. Need volume? Then look no further! The TCA-9650™ can continue to copy discs for hours, all without the need of a PC or human interaction.


Short on space? Don’t worry, the TCA-9650™ was designed with space in mind. The amazingly small footprint combined with the quiet and smooth robotics makes the TCA-9650™ perfect for the office environment. In addition, the optional network capabilities makes this one of the most robust office copiers available today!

Frame accurate copies. Ability to separate good discs from bad. Batch mode for multiple masters. Audio compilation for those custom discs. All of these features and more are standard on the TCA-9650™. As always, the TCA-9650™ comes with the R-Quest reputation for reliability!

Upgrade guaranteed! Worried about purchasing a product that is obsolete in 2 weeks? Then worry no more! All products purchased from R-Quest are guaranteed an upgrade path for as long as you own it! Now that’s solid technology!

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R-Quest's TCA's

High speed robotic systems. Giving you the fastest and accurate loader available today.

R-Quest's TCP's

The TCP models are the same as the TCA models, with an integrated printing solution.

R-Quest's TC's

The TC models are for those that are looking for a low cost and high output solution.

R-Quest's TCR's

The TCR models are for those who need an integrated solution into a rack system.

Load and Go

R-Quest Automatic Loading Systems are the most advanced in the industry. The arm allows for .002" adjustment range. This gives the loader a more precise alignment there by eliminating any miss loads or unloads of media.

True 52x

 R-Quest CD-R system use 408 CD-R/RW writers.
No other recorder/duplicator combination provides a more comprehensive feature set for professional audio or data CD-R/RW reproduction. All TAO/SAO/DAO data formats are supported. For audio professionals, TrueCopy™ recorders write frame accurate full Red Book compliant copies that include often missed but important details such as CD-Text, UPC, ISRC and sub codes. These features combined with TrueSound™ audio QA provide the best audio copies available today.

Network able

R-Quest Automatic Loading Systems also are available with optional network capabilities allowing you to queue jobs and printing operations.