Olympus 7P Network Publisher

Automated 7 drive Standalone DVD/CD Publisher
with a Built-In PC and Pro III Thermal Printer

What's Inside
  • Motherboard - Intel 845GV ATX
  • Processor - Intel P4 3.2 Ghz
  • Memory - 512 MB Gigaram 32x64 PC3200
  • Mouse - USB DSNR Scroll PS2 HM2002/42P
  • KB Keyboard - 2000 KB-118W/PS2 BG
  • Hard drive - WD Raptor 36.7GB - 10,000 RPM
  • PCI to 1394a "Fire-wire" card
  • Micorsoft Windows XP Pro
  • Keyboard and Mouse included





What's Inside



The Olympus 7P is a fully self-contained DVD/CD Publisher/Duplicator with it's own PC built inside. The system comes with pre-installed software necessary to get you going as soon as you receive the package. You have all you need with one unit including a mouse and keyboard. All that is required is a monitor.

The Olympus 7P publisher is configured with 7 drives with up to 900 capacity, and includes the Pro III Thermal Printer, making it a great machine to complete any DVD or CD production job.

The very strong, fast, and smooth autoloader is equipped with our very smart picker (picks up only one disc) that makes for fast and jam-free duplication and printing. The system has up to 3 input and 1 output hopper. Media is loaded from the input hoppers into the drives for duplication, from the drives into the printer for printing, and when finished, unloaded into the output hopper. Defective media is unloaded into a reject area. Once the output hopper is full, the 1st input hopper becomes the 2nd output hopper and so on.

All Olympus systems include blazingly fast Plextor drives. Plextor leads the pack in media compatibility and offers faster disc production and lower reject rates than other drive rated at the same speed. This means less money and time wasted on unsuccessful rejects.

  • Asynchronous duplication and printing: each drive acts independently of each other, meaning that each drive start recording individually when the drive's tray is closed. When finished, media is loaded to the printer immediately for individual printing.
  • Up to 7 unique jobs can be done simultaneously. A job contains 1 unique data master for duplication and 1 unique label file for printing.
  • The system can be controlled through a computer network, data master and label file can be loaded through the network.
  • Olympus Publisher's software SDK (Software Developer Kit) can be integrated into any environment for customized recording and printing. SDK enables you to collect individual data from any source and record and print it to individual DVD-R's and CD-R's.
  • Archive and backup your data
  • DVD/CD duplication with integrated label printing for unattended operation.
  • Mastering of data DVD/CDs and audio CDs
  • DVD/CD production from pre-defined images including DDP (Disc Description Protocol)
  • On-Demand publishing with customized label printing

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  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 16.5"x24.5"x24.5"
  • Weight: 103 lbs/47 kg
  • Power Consumption: 115~230 VAC 50~60 Hz

Supported Formats

  • ISO 9669
  • CD-DA (Audio)
  • CD-ROM Mode 1 & Mode 2
  • Mixed Mode
  • CD-DA Extra
  • CD-ROM XA Form 1 & Form 2
  • Video CD
  • Hybrid
  • DVD-R
  • Business Cards



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Click for Olympus Publisher software manual (PDF) 2.73 MB

Because of its modular architecture Olympus Publisher will adapt to your requirements and fit well into an existing networked environment. The software consists of the server component, which controls the actual recording process as well as a set of applications for the definition of the disc contents. The Olympus server controls the hardware and administers the job list. Each job represents one production series and contains important information like number of copies, label print file and additional parameters. The job attributes and the job list can also be modified by network clients under control of the integrated user management. A job is easily created and hundreds of copies produced by just dragging & dropping the Disc Image to the job list. The user interface provides all important hardware and job status information even over the network.

All Pro Solutions offers four different Olympus Publisher packages to fit your needs and your budget.

P1. Basic Package Includes:


  • Integrated Copy Builder to create copies of existing audio and data CD/DVDs
  • Recording of different CD/DVD Images in parallel
  • Support of DVD+R Double Layer Media
  • Automatic adaptation to hard disk performance to avoid buffer underruns
  • BURN Proof (if supported by the recording device)
  • Balanced loading by considering working hours of attached recorders
  • Basic printer support for pre-defined print files
  • Autoloader support
  • User interface installable on network clients for remote operation
  • Integrated user management

Copy Builder

  • Disc Images creation from existing audio and data CD/DVDs
  • Support for all usable formats
  • Full support of sub-channel information for Audio CDs (P/Q, CD TEXT, Karaoke)
  • Extraction of selected tracks from a CD to separate data images or WAV files for further usage with CDpublish or CDaudio Builders

Image Builder

  • Creation of data CD/DVD Images
  • Support of ISO 9660/Joliet and BRIDGE formats
  • Definition of number of copies and disc label

CDaudio Builder

  • Creation of audio CD Images in conformance with Red Book standard
  • Complete P/Q editing, (i.e.) ISRC, UPC/EAN and CD TEXT
  • Playing audio from TOC-list entries
  • TOC list printing and inlay creation

Event Controlled Recording (ECR)

  • Automated network wide generation of CD/DVDs
  • Individual label printing
  • Writes pre-defined images, also from other authoring systems

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P2. Client/Server Package Includes:
P1 Basic Package and

Client/Server extension

  • Clients can look at the Server's job-list
  • Jobs can be added, deleted or edited off site
  • SDK scripts can also be run on clients

Advanced Label Printing

  • Integrated label editor for individual labels of a CD/DVD series (i.e. serial no.)
  • Support for graphics as well as for static and dynamic text objects

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P3. SDK Package Includes:

P1 Basic Package
Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Script based control for third-party product integration (i.e. on-demand CD/DVD production)
  • Complete functionality covered by batch commands
  • Flexible CD/DVD Image creation
  • Fully supports client/server paradigm

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P4. Full Feature Package Includes:
P1 Basic Package and
P2 Client/Server Package and
P3 SDK Package

Network System Requirements


  • Intel Pentium based system
  • Windows NT 4.0 SP4 / 2000 / XP / 2003 for client/server configurations
  • Dedicated hard disk (access time and data throughput depend on number and type of configured CD-R/DVD-R drives)


  • Intel Pentium based system
  • Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP / 2003

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