USB Secure Flash Drives

TrusCont Secure Flash Drive

Nexcopy offers the TrusCont Secure Flash Drive which are high capacity, high performance USB flash drives with enhanced functionality such as USB copy protection and full digital rights management. The TSFD offers a level of control and functionality at the end-user level which has never been seen before.

Features of the TrusCont Secure Flash Drive:

  • USB Copy Protection and Digital Rights Management
  • USB CD-ROM Partition / Emulation
  • USB Read Only Partition

USB Copy Protection - The TrusCont copy protection technology is a true Digital Rights Management tool. USB copy protection includes the ability to copy protect software, Adobe PDF documents and a wide range of additional file formats. Advanced software configurations include layers of protection such as anti-copy, anti-rip, time limits and password protection. For Adobe PDF documents the copy protection includes additional features such as Copy and Paste restrictions and document printing rights. The USB Copy Protection settings and Digital Rights Management features may be applied and configured for each individual file on your device.

USB CD-ROM Partition - The TSFD provides end-users the ability to configure and create a USB CD-ROM partition which fully supports Autorun and Autoplay functionality. The USB CD-ROM partition cannot be removed or deleted through any computer format and/or delete utilities.

USB Read Only Partition - The TSFD is an ideal product for USB Dongle creation or USB device with Read Only partition. Users may configure the TSFD to include a USB Read Only partition along with an Open partition or create a USB Dongle by selecting the entire device to become a Read Only partition.

USB Copy Protection File Formats:


  • Software .exe Program Files
  • PDF Documents
  • SWF Flash Applications and Animations
  • HTM and HTML Web Pages
  • JPG, GIF and PNG Pictures and Photos
  • MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG Audio Formats
  • AVI, MPG, WMV and ASF Video File Formats

The TrusCont Secure Flash Drive is available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB sizes and comes with ready to use TSFD Protection Toolkit Software.

To automate the creation of TSFD devices in large quantity for any of the above configurations, there are Nexcopy TSFD Publisher Kits available.

Contact Solstice for more information about sizes and availability.