USB Digital Rights Management

USB Digital Rights ManagementThe increasing popularity of USB flash drives make them an attractive media for publishing digital content such as software and documents. Yet a standard USB drive might not be enough. Copy protection and Digital Rights Management are “must have” for most content publishers.

Nexcopy TSFD Publisher Kits automate the production process and creation of TrusCont Secure Flash Drives.

Whether you are an end-user looking to automate the TrusCont Protection Toolkit for your TSFD device, or Publisher providing ready TSFD devices to your clients, the Nexcopy USB200PC is right for you.

TSFD Publisher Kits

End-Users: The USB200PC works flawlessly with the TrusCont Protection Toolkit for easy creation of USB copy protected devices, USB CD-ROM partitioned drives or Read Only partitioned drives. Once more, the Nexcopy Kits include a powerful and feature rich USB duplicator plus software for data loading to all TSFD devices or any other USB flash memory device.

Publishers: The Nexcopy TSFD Publisher Kit is certified to work with TrusCont technology, making it the only system currently available for TSFD production. The USB200PC works seamlessly with the TrusCont Production Toolkit Software for creating TSFD devices, as well as full support to the TrusCont Protection Software utility.

Nexcopy TSFD Publisher Kits include:

  • USB200PC Duplicator
  • TSFD Protection Toolkit
  • TSFD ready devices (qty 10, 30, 50, 300 & 500+)
  • Nexcopy USB duplication software suite