MediaTechnics FUSION Autoloading PC Controlled DVD Duplicator.

Available with 2, 4, 6, and 8 Pioneer A09 DVD/CD 16X/40X
or PlextorPro 52x CD writers. 
Up to 900 Disc Capacity.
Ink-Jet Printer or Thermal Printer support for the 2, 4, and 6 writer systems



The FUSION 4DVD is ideal for DVD production, for tasks ranging from unattended DVD-+R or CD-R duplication to “one-off” custom DVD-+R or CD-R publishing. This system handles all aspects of disc production, from writing, verifying, to in-line printing.

Advanced robotics and stepping motors are used to ensure a fast, quite and smooth operation. The duplicator is also easy to use. The system can handle up to 900 discs hands free.

Fusion PC duplicators (CD or DVD, 2, 4, and 6 drives) easily integrate Thermal or Ink Jet printers.
These systems use the Rimage Prism PR13 Three Color Thermal Printer, or Signature Z6 Full Color Ink-Jet printer.

Fusion PC feature set:

• TCP/IP Network Ready
• 16x/40X DVD/CD Dual Layer 8.5GB
• 52x PlextorPro CD Writers
• 250 and 900 disk capacity
• Auto Detect Format
• Job Multi-tasking
• Batch Mode
• 3 year robotics warranty / 1 year motherboard & writers
• Enhanced warranty plans available
• Ink or Thermal Print Support

Fusion4 with Thermal Printer
Fusion4 with Ink Jet Printer
Fusion 4 DVD Duplicator
Fusion 4 DVD Duplicator


Fusion 4 DVD Duplicator

Fusion4 PC (monitor not included)



Fusion8 Writer (no printer support) (monitor not included)

22 " x 17.5 x 22" (width - height- depth)
Weight: 65 lbs
Power consumption: 115 Watts

Disk capacity: 250 or 900 DVD-R's
Write Drive Options: 1 to 8 - 16x DVD/32X CD or 52x CD recorders
Configuration: PC included (Monitor not included)

Standard warranty: 3 year robotics warranty / 1 year motherboard & writers (Major repairs done at the factory)
Enhanced warranty's are available

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