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Rugged and convenient, this Dual Deck is designed for demanding professional applications

The SR-MV50US is designed for use in educational institutions, video production studios, corporate and government installations as well as high end home theaters. It simplifies the DVD recording process and allows archiving of existing S-VHS and VHS libraries to DVD with a single push of the button. Built-in RS-232C and Wired Remote control interfaces allow complete automation of the archiving process and full integration with the industry standard remote control equipment like AMX and Crestron.

Unlike consumer models, an Automatic Finalize function simplifies and speeds up the DVD creation process. And, DVD's can be authored with the option of "full-repeat" (loop mode) for kiosk-type POS and museum applications.

  • One-Touch VHS/S-VHS dubbing to DVD-R/RW
  • RS-232C (9-pin) and Wired (3.5mm) remote controls
  • Auto-Finalize option for DVD recording
  • Full-Repeat (Kiosk) DVD authoring mode
  • Simultaneous recording to DVD and S-VHS/VHS
  • High-End S-VHS VCR w/TBC and 3D noise reduction
  • Twin Tuner
  • BNC Video Connector
  • Direct recording from DV and NLE sources via IEEE-1394
  • Rack-mount kit is available from FEC

Handy Two-in-One Design. Just Press a Button and Turn Your Library of S-VHS/VHS Tapes into DVDs.

The SR-MV50US is the convenient way to make a smooth transition from tape to DVD media. Especially suited for use in educational institutions, this product will reduce the space taken up by tapes and let you easily create a long-lasting DVD library. What's more, it gives you a choice of three DVD recording media: DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD-R. If you're looking for smart convenience, JVC's SR-MV50US is the intelligent choice.


Auto full repeat discs can be made
The Auto Repeat function is very convenient when con-stant or repeated video playback is required such as when DVD discs are used for company receptions or storefront demos.

Simultaneous recording of two TV channels
When there are two TV programs you wish to record on different channels being broadcast at the same time, the twin tuners found on the SR-MV50 will allow you to record these two separate channels onto DVD and videotape simultaneously.

RF Outputs
Especially useful for educational institutions, the SR-MV50 features RF output that enable you to easily connect TV sets in class room via only one RF cable.

Live Memory and Live Check functions
Ideal for school track and field events, Live Memory function lets you playback scenes to check any performance. With the DVD-RAM's rewriting capability, video can be recorded from a camcorder to the DVD-RAM, enabling simultaneous recording and playback. Viewing missed scenes will not interrupt the recording. The Live Check function displays real-time images in a sub-window.

RS-232C interface
An RS-232C control interface equipped with a standard DB9 connector is available for the following basic functions, making it useful for any home-theater or professional application.

Remote control code input terminal
The terminal for a remote control code input is located on the rear panel to enable remote control operation of this device by third party vendors in the future.

DVD and S-VHS/VHS playback
Commercially available DVDs and S-VHS/VHS tapes can be played back on the SR-MV50 for home-theater use.

Super MPEG Processors
  • Pre-processor (DVD)
    When recording from analog sources, effective noise reduction is applied before MPEG-2 encoding to guaran-tee superior quality images.
  • Post-processor (DVD)
    Several noise reduction features work together to clean up the image. Block noise reduction cuts "block noise" caused by MPEG-2 compression, Color DigiPure reduces 3D color noise, and Hadamard noise reduction eliminates "mosquito noise" from any DVD.

Last function memory
The SR-MV50 memorizes the last function in its memory and resumes operation from that point. Even if the power is turned off at the end of the day, mode settings remain valid and will be automatically recreated, making this feature especially handy for use in professional video editing studios.

Mode lock
Simply pressing on the remote control enter button for more than 5 seconds will disable all operation keys to prevent inadvertent operation.

Time counter display
The SR-MV50 displays time counter information, which is indispensable while editing or dubbing recordings, on both the DVD and S-VHS decks.

i.LINK connection (DV input)
Signals from external DV sources and NLE systems can be recorded via the i.LINK Terminal. These signals are converted in real-time to an MPEG-2 signal for DVD and analog video signal for VHS

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