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CopyPro Diskette Duplication Systems and Disk Label Printers

We offer a complete line of 3.5" floppy diskette duplication systems with capacities up to 230 disks per run.  These systems automatically move the blank diskettes from input bin to diskette recording drive to diskette labeling printer.  

This allows unattended duplication of a single master disk, multiple master disk, or data files stored on a network server. Another possible application includes transferring data from disks to hard drives.



3.5" Autoloading Floppy Diskette Duplicator


The CP-2000 Series


  • Copies 44-230 Disks per hour

  • Unattended operation

  • Choose 50 to 150 disk capacity option

  • Choose Standard or High Speed Drives

  • Separate Reject Bin

  • Drive Cleaning Mode

  • Bit by Bit Verify

  • Standalone or PC-Connected Models

  • All Popular Formats Supported

  • Window Margin Option


  • Standard & High Speed Drives
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Dimensions: 8"H x 17"D x 8"W
  • Shipping Wt. 25 lbs.
  • Power: 120/220V 
  • CE Mark 

Diskette Duplicator

What the Automated CP-2000 duplicators and label makers will do for you:

  • On-site diskette duplication saves you time and money
  • It eliminates delays from out-sourced duplication
  • It allows secure controlled production of diskettes, and
  • It uses inexpensive 3.5" diskette media 


The CopyPro LS-120 or "SuperDisk" Autoloading duplicator is targeted at software developers, corporate production centers, and duplication service bureaus with either in-house or on-demand needs for LS-120 Duplication.

This duplicator makes up to 120 LS-120 diskette copies at a time unattended. Simple "push button" operation allows even non-technical staff to operate the system. The entire LS-120 Duplicator product line is based on the 3.5"120mb Laser Servo diskette and drive technology developed by OR Technologies, Inc. of Campbell, CA. The LS-120 or "SuperDisk" media is currently manufactured and marketed by Imation, a division of 3M Corporation.

The LS-120 diskette is physically the same size as a conventional 1.44MB diskette, but features 120MB of data capacity. A LS-120 disk drive has capabilities to read and write data to both LS-120 and standard 1.44MB diskettes. Due to the extended data capacity and compatibility with existing diskette formats, the LS-120 technology is increasingly popular as a new media standard for desktop and laptop computers.

Recent industry support for the LS-120 has included major computer peripheral device manufacturers. With automated LS-120 diskette duplication, CopyPro's LS-120 Autoloading Duplicator provides the duplication capacity needed by software vendors, government agencies, corporate MIS departments, and system integrators choosing to utilize LS-120 format and media.


3.5" Diskette Label Printer


The LP-30 Diskette Label Printer


Diskette Label printer

The LP-30 connects to the PC-based models of the CopyPro 2000 diskette duplicator.  This duplicator / printer system allows for Disk On Demand applications for publishing unique data sets to uniquely labeled diskettes.

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