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DVDCD Duplicators is a distributor of CD and DVD Recordable Technology Products.
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 Pioneer PRV-LX1 DISCONTINUED see the JVC replacements below   
Pioneer PRV LX1 DVD RecorderThe PRV-LX1 is the newest professional DVD-Video recorder from Pioneer, the world leader in DVD technology. It features simple operation with a wide range of features and functions that complement any video production environment. This award winning industrial recorder gives you everything you need today, with a future-proof modular design for adding the features you'll want tomorrow. read more

 Pioneer PRV-9200   DISCONTINUED see the JVC replacements below   
PRV-9200Introducing the newest DVD recorder from Pioneer, the PRV-9200. This DVD recorder was designed for ease of use and convenience, the PRV-9200 is perfect for creating compliant DVD-Video discs quickly and without the need for a computer or authoring software. read more


Tascam CDRW750 Standalone CD Recorder

The TASCAM CD-RW750 CD rewritable recorder allows you to make your own CDs from a variety of sources - otherTascam CDRW750CDs, MD recordings, analog cassette tapes, and records. read more





Tascam CC-222MKII

TASCAM's CC-222MKII is the world's first device that combines a professional-quality stereo cassette deck with a CD-RW drive in a single product. Designed for everyone who wants an integrated solution for recording CDs from sources such as vinyl LPs and cassettes, the CC-222MKII is a completely self-contained unit that requires no computer or other peripheral tool to operate.
 Coywriter Live   
Let CopyWriter Live bring digital quality audio to your church, school, studio, or boardroom! The CopyWriter Live combines the flexibility of cassette tapes with the quality and longevity of CDs, in one low-cost, easy to use unit. read more



Professional archiving and media duplication are now easier than ever thanks to
the industry's first 3-in-1 video deck incorporating a MiniDV, DVD, and Hard Disk Recorder, all in one compact unit. read more



The new SR-DVM600 is a multi-deck video recorder/player that incorporates the all-digital formats of MiniDV and DVD with the added advantage of a 40GB hard disk drive. The compact SR-DVM600 also offers a number of extremely efficient editing and dubbing functions such as six-way recording. Whether used for media duplication or archiving of both analog and digital footage, this product is the ideal choice for professional applications seeking optimum performance and value. read more



The SR-MV50US is the convenient way to make a smooth transition from tape to DVD media.
Especially suited for use
in educational institutions, this product will reduce the space
taken up by tapes and let you easily create a long-lasting DVD library. What's more, it gives you a choice of three DVD recording media: DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD-R. If you're looking for smart convenience, JVC's SR-MV50US is the intelligent choice.
read more

 CopyWriter RackmountDSR Rack Mount Duplicator   
The CopyWriter Rackmount is Microboards' multi-drive DVD/CD rackmount duplicator employing the use of General Purpose 8x DVD or 52X CD recorders. The unit supports both standalone and optional computer-connect operation. The 4U rackmount enclosure is designed to fit easily into your production environment. read more


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