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CF Duplicator
  • 4 targets of duplicating capacity, with hard drive installed. Without hard drive, one target will be used as master and there will be 3 targets for CF-600.

  • Suitable for those media such as CF or CF-type hard drive such as micro drive, etc.

  • Compatible with current known formats such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, etc.

  • Bandwidth up to 2GB per minute for each slot.

  • Power Auto-control: power for media ports will output during operation. It will automatically shut off after the displaying result is off to protect the media.

  • Different from the media ports, the power of the hard drive is always ON when the machine’s power is ON. This function protects the hard drive power when the operation is repeatedly running.

  • Equipped with Power Supply Unit 230W for CF-600.

  • Copy, Compare, Copy + Compare functions available to meet different duplication requirements.

  • 32 bits CRC Checksum provided in each duplication to make sure the integrity of duplication.

  • Total sector number provided in the same time with 32 bits CRC checksum.

  • Standard RS -232 modules to monitor the operation of duplicator from PC.

  • Optional USB2.0 module to edit image file stored in duplicator's hard drive from PC.

  • The master image loaded into hard drive can be edited from PC through the optional USB connection.

  • Unlimited hard drive supported to store master image files.

  • 32MB DDR SDRAM cache memory buffer for Cf-600


    20 x 2 LCD Display Built-in

    Power Supply

    230 W

    AC Input

    115V/ 230V, 50Hz/60Hz Switchable

    Net Size

    230 x 175 x 385 mm

    Packing Size

    290 x 230 x 450 mm

    Net Weight

    7 Kgs

    Gross Weight

    9 Kgs

    Standard Accessories

    1 pc 80GB hard drive
    1 pc each main power cord and operation manual

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