Zeus DVD CD Duplicators


Zeus Specifications

Automated 1 to 9 drive Standalone DVD-R Duplicator with a Built-In PC

Keyboard and Mouse included

*Business Card Compatible

DiscJuggler Software Manual (PDF) - 3.7 MB
  • DiscJuggler Professional Edition is included with unit.
  • DiscJuggler.NET is an additional option.


The Zeus 9 is a fully self-contained DVD-R Duplicator with it's own PC built inside. The system comes with pre-installed software necessary to get you going as soon as you receive the package. You have all you need with one unit including a mouse and keyboard. All that is required is a monitor. The Zeus series duplicators can be configured with all the disc printers we carry making it a great machine to complete any CD or DVD production job. (Except the 9 writer model)

All Zeus systems include blazingly fast Plextor drives. Plextor leads the pack in media compatibility and offer faster disc production and lower reject rates than other drives rated at the same speed. This means less money and time wasted on unsuccessful rejects.

  • Motherboard - MB Gigabyte GA-81845GVM-RZ
  • Processor - Intel Celeron 1.8G mPGA 128 K
  • Memory - 512 MB Gigaram 32x64 PC3200
  • Mouse - USB DSNR Scroll PS2 HM2002/42P
  • KB Keyboard - 2000 KB-118W/PS2 BG
  • Hard drive - 120 GB - 7200 RPM (Western Digital, Maxtor)
  • PCI to 1394a "Fire-wire" card
  • Micorsoft Windows 2000 (or XP Pro)
  • DiscJuggler Professional Edition


  • Unattended Operation
  • Caddy-Less Duplicator
  • Low Maintenance
  • Timely technical support
  • Save Time and Money
  • No Errors or Jams
  • Easy-to-use Software
  • Audio Compilation
  • Networkable
  • Compare
  • Batch Mode
  • Drive speed: 16x
  • Capacity: 220 to 900 discs
  • CD-ROM Mode 1
  • CD-XA Mode 2 Form 1& 2
  • CD-DA (Red Book, Audio including
  • MCN, ISRC & Indexes)
  • CD-Extra (Blue Book - Enhanced CD)
  • Photo CD
  • Video CD (White Book)
  • CD-I Bridge (Interactive CD)
  • ISO9660 / UFS / HFS
  • Hybrid
  • Mixed Mode
  • MASTERS CAN BE WRITTEN Disk At Once, Session At Once, Track At Once
DVD Drives


  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 16.5"x24.5"x24.5"
  • Weight: 72 lbs/32.7 kg
  • Connector: Firewire
  • Power Consumption: 115~230 VAC 50-60 Hz

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