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Data sheet (PDF v.1.0 83 KB)

Brochure altec CopyStations (PDF v.1.2 3156 KB)

Compatibility matrix altec CopyStations (PDF v.1.1 19 KB)

Available software options with order number

Software Short Image Copy 31AL1862

Software File Copy 31AL1867

Available versions (with item number)


USB Stick CopyStation 7 – B31AL181

USB Stick CopyStation 21 B31AL185

USB CopyStation 21 ULTRA  B31AL186E


RoHS compliant

This CopyStation duplicates data images to up to 21 USB memory sticks simultaneously.

Preinstalled system including altec copying software under Windows XP Professional with 21 USB 2.0 slots.

Supplied with English or German keyboard and operating system, mouse and DVD drive.

The in-house developed copy software has the same look & feel as the software for all other altec CopyStations.

Compatible media

The following storage media can be used in the USB Stick CopyStation 21 Ultra:
USB 2.0 memory sticks
USB 1.1 memory sticks

The USB sticks must be less than 11 mm in width and less than 42 mm in heights, if all 21 USB slots are to be used. There are no restrictions concerning the lengths of the USB sticks used.

Copying methods

Three different copying methods are available for copying the data copying of entire data images, copying of short images and the so-called file copying method.

Copying speed

The CopyStation transfer rate is approx. 70 MB/sec. For example, copying of 21 USB sticks with 512 MB each takes about 2.5 minutes (the speed is dependent on the make and model of memory stick).

This copying system benefits from the know-how and experience resulting from seven years of CopyStation development at altec.

  Product Highlights

Ultra fast duplication of content: approx. 70 MB/sec

High volume duplication of content to USB sticks

Choice between a standard and an optional short image copy method

Comfortable and easy to use software for all altec CopyStations

Typical markets for programmable storage media

Data required periodically by field workers can be copied to memory sticks and distributed to the employees.

For marketing and advertising: Memory sticks can be programmed with images and product materials such as films, catalogues or interactive applications.

Programs, updates and data from the sectors of mechanical engineering and medical technology can be copied to memory media for use in automation, control and laboratory equipment

The marketing possibilities for storing music, audio books and videos on memory media are increasing steadily due to the drop in price of the media.

Mobile memory media are increasingly used to store games and software.


Software, software options and copy methods   altec USB Stick CopyStation 21 Ultra Software



Technical Specifications

Preinstalled system (without monitor); incl. keyboard, mouse, graphic card, DVD drive and standard interfaces

Slots: for 21 USB sticks; horizontal center-to-center distance between the slots 11.5 mm, vertical center-to-center distance 42 mm

Environmental specifications

Humidity: 10% to 90%, non condensing

Temperature: 5 to +45C (operating)
0 to +75C (non-operating)

Copying speed

1:1 image copy of 21 USB sticks with 512 MB each takes about 2.5 minutes (the speed is dependent on the make and model of stick)

Data transfer rate approx. 70 MByte/sec

Supplied OS

Windows XP Professional


The user interface can be switched between German and English further languages are available as an option.

The Job Wizard is a key part of the software. It is used to specify all parameters of the copy job name of the card image, number of copies, whether verification is required and configuration of the software options.

Software options

1.) Software option to create and copy short images. The short image copy option creates smaller image files if the master (source ) memory media is only partly filled with user data. This results in faster programming of the target memory media.

2.) File Copy option to copy files from a specified directory to FAT format USB sticks instead of copying from an image file. The sub-directory structure (if present) is also copied.

  Copying methods

The USB Stick CopyStation 21 Ultra provides three different copying methods for copying the data:

1.) Image Copy (default method) an image of the entire contents of the memory media is created and then copied to the target memory media.

Advantages: A 1:1 copy of the memory media is created. Accordingly, all sectors of the target memory media are overwritten. This method is supported by all memory media file systems.

Disadvantages: Copying is relatively time consuming because all of the bytes of the original memory medium are copied.

2.) Short Image Copy (option) only the data sectors which are currently being used are copied.

Advantages: Significant time-saving if the master (source) memory media is only partly filled with user data.

Disadvantages: If the target memory media has already been used, some of the unused blocks may still contain old data. For maximum benefit, the data on the source memory media should not be fragmented. This software option works only with FAT formatted memory media.

3.) File Copy (option) this means that copies of specific file directories or files are created. This is not a 1:1 copy of the memory master.

Advantages: The copying speed is if the amount of data is smaller than the image faster than when copying an image. There is no need to create an image file.

Disadvantages: This copying method only works with windows-supported file systems.


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