Network Publishers   NEW NS-4500 Series

Simply the Best Solution, the substantial 500 disc capacity NS-4500 Series offers one of the industry’s only Disc Publishing System (DPS) to deliver Linux, UNIX*, Mac or Windows networked production of on-demand, custom, disc publishing and duplication of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs from any computer.
Why Choose the NS-4500?

• High capacity on-demand disc production
• Operating system independence
• Browser Based applications
• Network readiness with remote capabilities
• Compliance mandate compatibility
• Real-time monitoring, notifications and reports
• Security controls with role-based user access

Operating system independent, the easy to network NS-4500 allows multiple users to connect using TrueNet FX™ browser based application. Since the software is pre-installed and self contained within the embedded server, the NS-4500 Series is ready to use with a standard browser - with no additional software to load.

Network ready, the ability to integrate with third party software for custom, dynamic data projects is also a key feature of the NS-4500 Series solution. Controlling additional DPS units at various locations through a network gives you a versatile solution that satisfies any business configuration needed.

Security controls, with role-based user access, allow your disc publishing solution to operate within compliance mandates such as SOX, HIPPA, etc. In addition to the software auditing and controls, secure locks on the NS-4500 Series unit ensures controlled access when required.


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Software Features

Our cutting edge TrueNet FX™ software application is included in our NS-4500 Series to provide tools for essential business requirements such as:

• Production Scheduling
• User-Specific Role Definition
• Project Management and Wizards
• Label Designer
• System Alerts and Management
• License Management
• Administration and Help
• Integrated Update Management
• Backup and Restore Management

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NS4500 Disc publishing System

NS-4500 Disc Publishing Systems

Inkjet Print Technology: 4800 dpi Inkjet printing in Black / CMYK / CMY Photo quality - HP SI800 Embedded
Thermal Print Technology: 400 dpi printing in Black / CMYK / CMY Versamax/CMYK Photo quality

- TEAC P-55 Embedded (Shipping Soon)

Disc Capacity:
500 Disc Capacity within 4 bins configurable by media type, input, output /reject.
Disc Drives: Four CD / DVD / DL DVD drives standard
Blu-ray drive(s) optional and only available with InkJet Models
Operating Systems / Software: The NS-4500 Series has an embedded server that hosts the TrueNet FX™ software application stand alone or is accessible securely with role-based login from any major Internet browser using a networked client computer regardless of OS.
Server OS options available: Linux, UNIX*, Mac or Windows. XML Interface available for Easy Third Party Integration.


*Custom Implementation Available.

Physical Dimensions: H 18” x W 23” x D 25”

Weight: Approx. 143lbs
Operating Environment: Temp: 60ºF- 86ºF (15.5ºC - 30ºC)
Humidity: 40%-80%
Power: 100-240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 500W max
Connectivity: Network Capable.