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DVDCD Duplicators Computer Forensics Products

Automated Forensic Data Collection Systems


Automated CD DVD Forensic Disc Analyzer with Robotic Disc Loader

Forensic Disc Copiers
Model CPFDA100
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Forensic Tool for the intensive analysis and extraction of data from CD DVD media. Equipment saves time for forensic examiners, data recovery technicians, and law enforcement professionals involved computer forensic investigations and evidence recovery and collection. Excellent laboratory tool for computer forensic evidence investigations.
  • Operates unattended
  • Bulk processing of up to 100 discs
  • Examines and archives disc based evidence
CPFDA-100 Forensic Tool
CPFDA-100 Specifications PDF

Automated CD DVD Forensic Disc Analyzer with Disc Publishing

Forensic Disc Copiers
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All the features of the CPFDA-100 plus CD DVD publishing capabilities.
  • Unattended publishing of evidence files like encase onto labeled discs
  • Print labels directly onto disc surface with case specific information
  • Operates as a standard DVD CD duplicator with disc label printing
CPFDA-100PRO Forensic Tool
CPFDA-100PRO Additional Specifications PDF

Forensic Diskette Data Collector

Forensic Diskette Data Collector
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Copypro's autoloading diskette reader and Auto Disk Plus software automates the time consuming task of extracting data from 3.5 inch diskette media.
  • Fast, systematic high volume Diskette-to-file processing
  • Diskette to file system that supports computer forensic standards
  • Up to 150 diskettes automatically load into floppy drive reader system at a time
CopyPro Forensic Diskette Data Collector
Diskette Data Collector Specifications PDF



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