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DVDCD Duplicators High Speed Tower Duplicators
For the user who needs immediate copies, and can dedicate personnel to supervise the loading process.
We have a full line of Budget Standalone or PC Network Controlled Towers, and Rackmount duplicators
with your choice of either high  speed CD writers (less than 3 minutes per disc) or DUAL MODE DVD 20x writers (5 to 8 minutes per disc or less) and the new huge capacity Blu-Ray!




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New Spartan 6x Blu-Ray Tower Duplicators

New Spartan Plextor 20X DVD Tower Duplicators

New Spartan Pioneer 20X DVD Tower Duplicators

Up to 2500 DVD's or CD's at once with the SPARTAN PLUS Spartan Plus Tower Duplicator


Microboards Blu-Ray Recordable Towers

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A new era in recordable media is here.
Expected to revolutionize digital and high-definition storage,
the Blu-Ray disc provides for high-capacity data recording and duplication of over 24GB per disc.


Up to 21 DVD's or CD's at once with these Daisy Chained Ultra High Speed Duplicators
CD Tower DuplicatorsCD DVD Tower DuplicatorsCD Tower Duplicatorsmore info

Now 16x DVD copying on all 14 or 21 burners at the same time.
On sale for a limited time, just $2,995. Call Toll Free to order 1-866-357-4321


CD DVD Tower Duplicators

CD Tower Duplicatorsmore info

CD Tower Duplicators


DVD  DVD Rackmount Towers

    DSR DVD884-RM Rackmount 8x DVD Duplicator


CD Tower Duplicators


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