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Hera 9
Automated 7 Drive 600 Disc Capacity
Standalone Business Card CD Duplicator

  • 7 High Speed Drives

  • 600 Disc Capacity

  • Standalone

  • Fastest and Smoothest Loading/Unloading System in the Industry.

  • Highest Quality CD/DVD Duplication.

  • Speed 52x CD

  • Small Footprint

  • Built for Commercial Applications

  • Optional Business Card and Mini Disc Adapters

  • Accepts 61mm and 63mm x 80mm Business Cards

BravoPro PC Controlled

BravoPro PC Controlledmore info

Automatically burn and print up to 100 CDs or DVDs at a time – all in a compact, attractive unit.

  • The industry’s fastest throughput

  • Two high-speed CD-R or DVD±R drives for volume production

  • Direct-to-disc printing with stunning 4800 dpi print resolution

  • Windows® network software included for sharing BravoPro among multiple users

  • Software for both PC and Mac® burning and printing included

  • 80mm mini-CDs
    59mm x 85mm rectangular business card CDs
    63mm x 80mm rounded “hockey rink” CDs

CopyPro MiniMax

Automatic DVD CD Duplicators 
with in-line Thermal Printer


CopyPro MiniMaxMore info

1, 2 and 3 drive 52x CD or 16x DVD systems
50 to 150 disc capacities
Thermal or Ink-jet in-line printers

APS 2002

APS 2002 CD Publisher

An in-line CD DVD duplication and printing system with 100-disc capacity, 
two high speed drives our best color CD printer,
also network connectable and API for one-off production.
Available in 2 models CD-R or DVD/CD recorders.

Includes Business Card (63mm x 80mm) autoloading burn and ink-jet print

Bravo II

Bravo II CD DVD Duplicator with CD DVD printerMore info

Bravo II is the world's first automated DVD-+R and CD duplicator that can truly be called innovative.
It combines automatic, robotic-based DVD CD duplication
along with full-color, 4800 dpi DVD CD printing
– all in one compact, PC or Mac desktop unit
80mm mini-CDs
59mm x 85mm rectangular business card CDs
63mm x 80mm rounded “hockey rink” CDs


Business Card CD-R Publisher
with 3 color thermal in-line CD printer

CopyPro production center Disc Recording SystemMore info

Available with 1 to 8 high speed writers and 200, 600 or 1000 CD autoloader
Also available with ink-jet or thermal printer for full size CD's


More info

PC controlled Autoloader.
 100 disc capacity. Available with two or four high speed writers. Printer separate.
Can work independently with the PowerPrinter which prints prints on 63mm x 80mm business cards

All Manual Load Towers will Write Business Card CD's

Rquest 24x 16 Bay Tower Duplicator  More info

Standalone Manual loader. 
Available with four to sixteen 52x writers. Printer separate
Can work independently with the PowerPrinter which prints prints on all 80mm business cards

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