Small scale programming of USB memory sticks  

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Data sheet (PDF – v.1.2 – 137 KB)

Operator Manual

Compatibility matrix altec CopyStations (PDF – v.1.0 – 25 KB) 

Entry level solution for the duplication of data images to up to seven USB memory sticks simultaneously.

User interface selectable for English or German.

Software compatible for Windows 2000 and XP.

Job Wizard to specify parameters for the copy job such as the image file name, number of copies and whether to verify after writing or not.

Supplied with active USB 2.0 hi-speed hub (correct functioning only guaranteed with supplied model of USB hub); compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 memory sticks.

Copies to seven USB 2.0 Sticks with 256 MB in less than 2 min. and with 2.0 GB in less than 8 min. (speed depends on USB Stick type and USB connection).

Optional software interface for data exchange with external applications to allow customization of individual cards, e.g. with serial number or data encryption.

Software option for creating and copying smaller image files. With this, USB sticks where much less data is stored than the actual storage capacity permits can be programmed much quicker.

  Available Versions (with item number)

USB Stick CopyStation 7 – B31AL181

USB Stick CopyStation 21 – B31AL185

USB CopyStation 21 ULTRA  B31AL186E


Software interface for e.g. external serialization – 31AL1811

Software option Smaller Image Files – 31AL1812

above: USB Stick CopyStation software

top left: Software and USB 2.0 hub – hardware part of the USB Stick CopyStation


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